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August 16, 2009

Contortionist Foldable Bike from Dominic Hargreaves

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The Contortionist Bike 1

Bicycles are obviously a green solution that do the world no harm, but designers still haven’t managed to create something that will convince people to choose as a daily commuter for short distances (instead of a car). However, the Contortionist Folding Bike from Dominic Hargreaves is set to break the jinx for it is a full size bike with 26-inch wheels and can all be rolled up without being too clunky.

The design student from Royal College of Art London has succeeded in creating a design that could soon be on the production floor for such is the appeal of his innovation. He used pivots in the frame and a lockable universal joint in the front fork which together let the bicycle roll up to the width of a single wheel thus making it ultra-compact.

The material usage is high quality as Dominic has used aluminum frames with chunky mountain bike tires and a unique design scheme where the front and rear wheel are slightly misaligned to make folding easier. Even when folded up the wheels rotate freely making it easy to be carried around.

Another very unique feature is the deduction of chains for an internal hydraulic system that uses oil pumped through tubes in the frame to spin the back wheel.

This design has been shortlisted for the Dyson award and could be soon rolled off the production floor with a $675 price tag as Dominic is already in talks with production partners.

[via Guardian]

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