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April 10, 2009

Clean Seas and Clear Priorities: Keeping our Coastline Pristine

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john garamendi

Editors Note: This is a guest contribution from the Lieutenant Governor of California, John Garamendi. See his last post on

California’s coastline has a hold on most of us, but if we don’t stop trashing our beaches and seas, it could begin to repel us.

These days, most of us accept the importance of environmental protection. We understand that recycling reduces our need to extract new resources, and we agree that businesses should not be allowed to put toxic sludge in our drinking water. And yet, in this age of convenience, it’s easy to think our individual actions don’t have an impact, and without clear public will, it’s easy for good bills to get lost in the shuffle of governance.

Recognizing this problem, with a diverse coalition of environmentalists, scientists, students, and community activists, I founded the Clean Seas Coalition last year to present a more unified voice in favor of legislation important to California’s coastlines.

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