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April 10, 2009

Cheap and Easy Eco-Living Tips

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Near my wild river... my green living room...!!! / Près de ma rivière sauvage... mon salon vert...!!! :)))

Cheap and Easy Eco-living Tips

Worried about the cost of going green?  If so, you’re not alone.  Many people think that environmentally sound products and lifestyle changes are expensive.  And, of course you already know to use canvas shopping bags and compact fluorescent bulbs, and you recycle as much as possible.

We’re here to show you several cheap and easy eco-living tips, beyond the ordinary.  By adopting these practices, it will hardly cost you anything, and you’ll end up saving green by going green.

1.  Use baking soda to clean your toilets and bathtubs instead of expensive cleaners that may have harmful chemicals.  Baking soda is all natural and non-abrasive.  Sprinkle it on, and gently scrub with warm water and a cloth.

2.  Cut down on water usage, even if you don’t have a low-flow toilet.  I tried this and it really works!  Put in a full 20-oz (or larger) water bottle in the tank – you know – behind where you go!  This will reduce the amount of water wasted by flushing.  Over time, it can really add up.

3.  Add tennis balls to your clothes dryer for a quicker cycle and fluffier towels.  Again, I found this a little hard to believe until we experimented.  Just make sure the balls are clean and relatively new.  You’ll “love” the results (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

4.  Shop at consignment shops – even Goodwill.  Who doesn’t love finding a bargain?  Its the ultimate in recycling.  Want to be even more green?  Then save gas by shopping online at eBay or Craig’s List.  There are thousands of gently used items at bargain prices.  At eBay, they’re in full green mode right now with 30 Days of Green.

5.  Recycle your shoes by either donating them to a great cause like Soles4Souls, or sending them to  Children around the world are shoeless and in need for a great need for foot coverings.  You can help!

6.  Use broken or incomplete toy sets for craft projects.  I was thrilled when I found this video (below) on making domino coasters.  What a great way to reuse and reduce, then recycle into a new product.  I’m sure that you have some other creative ideas (and if so, please share below):

7.  Buy local.  If you need to make a purchase, try to ensure that it was grown or created locally (within 100 miles).  This helps support local farmers and merchants, and also significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions produced by transporting goods from far away.  With respect to food – it usually tastes much better because it is picked closer to or at ripeness.  Plus, local merchants are usually more involved in the community and it always feels good to help a neighbor.

For this reason, I sip coffee at Strictly Organic here in Bend, Oregon, rather than frequent Starbucks (sorry Howard!)

We’d love to hear more eco-living tips from you, if you have some to share.  And if you’ve tried any of the ideas above, please let us know too!

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