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June 26, 2009

BMW Halbo is an electric solution for passionate riders

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We do need green cars on the road but also the devils on two wheels need to think of greener alternatives. Electricity can be a wise choice as far as the energy part is concerned and the ideal two-wheeled machine will be the Pierre Yohanes Lubis designed BMW Halbo.

Electricity-powered BMW Halbo motorcycle

Electricity-powered BMW Halbo motorcycle

Halbo which was an entrant at the BMW Motarrard Innovation Contest 2009 is a front wheel driven electric bike that uses a small rear wheel only to ensure balancing. The ball joint affixed to the rear helps the bike make turns with ease where leaning does not become a risk.

According to the designer, the Halbo is specifically designed for the vibrant youth of highly populated cities. It will complement the greener modes of mass transportation by making sure that even the individual commuters maintain an ecological balance.

With concept designs like the Halbo bearing a promise of a greener future, the onus now lies on the German moniker to ensure that such machines do make it to the production facilities.

Electricity-powered BMW Halbo motorcycle

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