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May 5, 2009

Black and Decker Going Green

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Black and Decker Power Monitor

Black and Decker Going Green

Renowned power tool company, Black and Decker, is going green.   Promoting “Earth Day in your Yard,” the company is featuring a number of energy saving tips on its website.

Turns out that you can get much more than lawnmowers and leaf blowers to help green your home.

Among other things, Black and Decker is offering products to cut down on your power bill and save precious energy.  Choose from a thermal leak detector, “lights out” auto-switch and an energy monitor.

The thermal leak detector can locate drafts around windows and doors that can be addressed by weather stripping or caulking.  You can also find areas that could use extra insulation to help you cut down on heating and cooling costs.  For less than $50, your investment should pay for itself in just a few months (if not sooner!).

When you get a power monitor, you’ll be able to pinpoint the energy hogs in your house in real time.  It includes a wireless transmitter that attaches to your meter, and a handheld device that displays information about your energy consumption.  People that install the monitor usually shave 20% off their electricity bills.

The auto-switch for lights allows you to turn off lights all over the house in one location.  It operates automatically (after 15, 30 or 60 minutes), too, if you wish.  A great gadget for my family!

Black and Decker’s Energy Saver Series includes a new tip each day to help you save energy and money.  But the best feature I’ve found at the website is the Interactive House Demonstration.  Enter your state and you can see the average amount you can expect to spend each day on electricity (in Oregon, its almost $7/day!)  When I think about that hard-earned cash going to my utility each and every month, it sure motivates me to find ways to cut back!

Oh, and they also have some pretty cool yard tools that are easy on the environment (as well as your back):

Way to go, Black and Decker!  Thank you for helping us go green, along with you!

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