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June 16, 2009

Betting on Green

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The green movement is one of the biggest things happening on planet Earth today. Of course, there will always be naysayers—decriers of science—but you simply can’t convince everyone of the truth, even if they’re living with it right in front of their faces. Thankfully, some people are not only convinced, but they’re taking measures to prevent further damage to our atmosphere.

We see green businesses going up all over the place. We see better fuel standards on automobiles. We’re seeing brand new wind and solar technology being explored. We’re seeing online casinos going green… and I don’t mean money.

Oh, you’re confused about that last one? Don’t worry, we all were at first. The idea of a green casino, if it were land-based, doesn’t seem so outlandish. But how do you rightly keep a website green? Casino Del Rio, the web’s first green online casino, has found a way.

Casino Del Rio has a partnership with The New Green Group, a non-profit organization that facilitates companies, helping them become an essential part in the green movement. The goal: an environmentally stable solution. The means to get there: eliminate unnecessary waste – erase the carbon footprint.

Measures aren’t taken on the actual site, per se. So if you’re looking to play some blackjack and assume that the game is going to be different—greener—somehow, don’t get your hopes up. And besides, it’s not like cards being dealt harms the atmosphere. Well, unless you count all that hot air blown at the dealer when he hits four 21s in a row. The “green” in this instance comes from Casino Del Rio’s main headquarters.

Their facilities have undergone major renovations, including an extensive recycling program, a waste energy monitoring program, and other programs that are designed to help the casino reach their ultimate goal: 100% carbon-neutrality.

This is great news for the planet. Hopefully, if all goes well with Casino Del Rio, we will see many, many more casino companies, online or otherwise, taking these steps to ensure they closely monitor their carbon footprint.

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