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April 17, 2009

Be a Part towards a Much Better Environment

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Our world since then has faced too many global crisis, problems and threats from hunger to nuclear wars and more. Most of those are taken care of successfully but still, there are more we can do and we must do to have a much better environment.

Humans, animals, plants and even the microorganisms as in all the inhabitants of the planet are now facing a very big physical threat from environmental damage. Global warming is the most lethal. Thus includes all the abrupt changes in the climate, excessive pollution in the air, water and land, the shortage of clean water to drink, defoliations, immoderate consummation of marine plants and fisheries, collapsing and declining of soil and land areas, petroleum shortage crisis, very severe poverty of each nations, and the threat of rampant and threatening imbalance of resources of each countries and nations that can cause wars. All of these crisis and threats are scary to any of us and humans are the main cause of all of these crisis and problems the Earth is facing right now. There are other factors that endanger our environment; the continuous and uncontrolled population growth. As our population increases, the use of natural resources and also the environment also increases. Earths’ population has approximately tripled in numbers which means that we suffered from shortage of food supplies and greatly contribute to the degrading of our environment.

All of us, small or big, young and old can do something about it. The governments of each nation must address the biggest environmental issue and think of a better way such as for example, a law or policy for it and raise the awareness of the public that will not create panic or high level of fear and desperations to the world. Thus, the government will be able to identify the issue and plan a better solution for this that will create all hopes to the people and will be successful in it. As individuals, we can help and be a part of it by following those policies, and contributing to minimize air and water pollution. We can support and help groups to plant trees, vegetables and fruits. We can also reuse and recycles materials and things that are still usable. We must minimize our use of pesticides, insecticides and many others that can contribute to air pollution. We must also have a better understanding on population growth and be able to control it. Learn how to use energy efficiently, from home to offices use. Be sure that your vehicles are in good running conditions before using it, and if possible, just walk or ride bicycles. Try to think of other alternate transportation sources that you can use that will not require fuel combustions.

We can help each other and be a part of making our environment a much better place to live in. Every little effort can be accounted and affect the future. We can all benefit from it and most of all our future’s next generation.

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