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August 24, 2009

As a green brand, will the Volt be able to compete with Prius?

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Those of us who follow the green car world on a daily basis could ramble on for an hour, at least, on the differences between the Chevy Volt and the Toyota Prius. They’re not really in the same category, if you know what an ER-EV is. But for the general public, the two cars are probably best know – if the Volt is known at all – simply as vehicles that use less fuel. Details, schmetails. And this gives us an interesting question to think about:

In the mind of the average consumer, will the Volt brand be able to beat the Prius brand?

GM has certainly gone full-bore in marketing and hyping the Volt (they’ve been advertising it since 2007, even though it won’t go on sale until late 2010. See also: 230 mpg), but not everyone knows what the car is, what it can do, what it’s all about. Not everyone knows what the Prius is, exactly, but they know the brand. Toyota is hard at work on a plug-in Prius, and once the plug-in Volt and Prius are both on the market, which do you think the average consumer will go for? Just ask Honda what it’s like to compete against the world’s most famous hybrid.

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