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September 21, 2009

Adoptabots Robot Figurines From Discarded Items

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AdoptaBots 1

Adoptabots are robot figures created from discarded daily objects, which are now ready to set on with a new life. Designer Brian Marshall decided that products which had ostensibly completed their desired taks did not deserve to rot in the landfill, so he decided to give them a new life in the form of artistic figures which maintain their original form, but also take up an entirely new shape.

He calls these upcycled objects “Adoptabots”, a name that refers to the “new home” these discarded objects in the “robot orphanage” are looking for. Not only did the designer create impressive figures from these objects, he also gave each of them an identity, and a new story to begin a new life with.

The decor and the ideas behind it are thoughtful and catchy, and there’s a fair chance that these artistic robots would find themselves a new home. The designer has put up Adoptabots for sale on Etsy, with prices varying from $75 to $350.

[via Inhabitots]

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