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May 5, 2009

6 Million Dollar Penguins Meet Godzilla

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Bionic (Aqua) penguins by Festo

Bionic (Aqua) penguins by Festo

I remember the 6 million dollar man and the Bionic woman, but there might be a new TV series in the making – the Bionic Penguin. Penguins are know for how snazzy they dress. Now they can be seen flying through the water. But look carefully because these are actually robots— the Aqua Penguins created by the German company, Festo.

“Nature demonstrates how maximum performance can be achieved with minimum energy consumption, a Festo spokesman said.

Aqua Penguins can fly through the water. They have a steel skeleton, flexible fiber rods to control their heads and are covered with silicon. Propelled by elegant wings formed from a spring steel skeleton, these smart penguins can also swim backwards. And did we mention the built-in 3D sonar that helps them communicate with each other to keep from crashing?

Bionic (Aqua) penguins by Festo

Bionic (Aqua) penguins by Festo

The critters can move individually and as part of a group (when they go to school, of course). Festo also created Air Penguins, not to be confused with Air Jordans. These guys go shoeless. The blimp-like Air Penguins are filled with helium and ’swim’ through the air. I am blimp-like and can hardly get off the ground, but….

Air penguins filled with helium

Air penguins filled with helium

The question, of course, is “Now what?” TV contracts? A movie? Peter Penguin meets Godzilla!

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