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April 10, 2009

2008 Update

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Hi fans of the logblog

I’ve just put the remaining 3 trees into larger pots for the winter and its reminded me that I’ve not given you an update about the tree planting for a while… so here goes.

So far we have planted

50(ish) into pots to give to the team

A dozen directly into the field

And a couple of hundred (by hand) over the last few years

Behind Schedule

As you’ll remember – what we wanted to do was to plant 8,000 this year… but we didn’t :-( .

The problem being that the winter lasted for so long (especially in the north east) last year that when the spring finally came (you plant trees at the start of spring) it was too wet to mechanically plant the thousands that we had planned to.

What we should have done was just let the contractor plant them when they wanted, they are local to the area so can tell at short notice if its the right time to do it.

So, I have given permission to the contractor to plant 8,000 (ish) baby spruce trees on the site next year… this will be done between Feb and March – they’ll let us know when its done.

For those of you that don’t know about the project – we are planning to plant 50,000 trees over the next 5 years. As these trees grow they will remove 1 million kgs of CO2 (and other nasty stuff) from the atmosphere each year. This is by far (we think by a factor of ten) in excess of what K International produces in its business activities – thus making us carbon neutral.


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