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August 31, 2009

100% Organic at Cathy’s Organic Superstore

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100% Organic at Cathy's Organic Superstore (image from faeryboots on Flickr)

100% Organic at Cathy's Organic Superstore (image from faeryboots on Flickr)

Do you love organic products?  Wish that they were easier to find and purchase?  Now, you can go 100% organic at Cathy’s Organic Superstore. The site will save you both time and money – which I never have enough of!

I read about Cathy Gallagher, and her husband Brian, in the Bend Bulletin last week.  They moved to Central Oregon recently from Arizona, in order to pursue an organic lifestyle – which included continuing their successful business here in Bend.

Cathy’s Organic Superstore was born from an effort to help the couple find healthy products at affordable prices.  Cathy and Brian were frustrated by the time it took to locate organic goods, and the fact that they often cost 20-30% more than comparable products.  Today, their site boasts almost 2,500 unique goods, from baby items to food, clothing to vitamin supplements.

mirror pond

Mirror Pond in Bend, Oregon

So, why did the Gallaghers move to Bend?  Chalk it up to the wonderful, green lifestyle that is the norm here in Central Oregon.  Everyone (myself included) loves getting outdoors and breathing fresh air.  People here – no matter their political affiliation – think green and are concerned about the environment.  Perhaps its because we spend so much time in the elements!

If you are into the organic lifestyle, why not become a member of Cathy’s Organic Superstore?  If you do so, you can save 35-70% on items, depending on the product.  Act now, and you can be a member for life for less than $50.  Eventually, the fee could be imposed annually.  So don’t delay.  Become a member now and lock in for the one-time fee.

Cathy and Brian consider themselves the “” of organic products.  They pride themselves on stellar customer service.  And, by operating out of Oregon, customers will not have to pay any sales tax.  I believe that every little bit helps!

In the coming years, we expect Cathy’s Organic Superstore to grow at a fast rate!  I’m thinking it makes sense to get in now at the ground level.  100% organic feels good from both a health and environmental standpoint.

Why not make your organic shopping easier?

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